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Saturday April 28, 2007
It had been awhile since I saw the last professional soccer game in person. I believe it was 5 years ago when I saw Barcelona in a champions league game and that was it. Today I saw the first official home game of the Toronto FC. A few weeks ago I bought a package of tickets for 10 games of this new professional club which included the home opener and the 'Beckham game'.

I have to admit that I am positively surprised about the enthusiasm the Toronto FC has created in the stadium. Our of the all the clubs in the "Major League Soccer" (MLS) the Toronto club sold the most season tickets. Even more than the club where Beckham is going to play. And there was a good atmosphere at the stadium today.

The team...well it won't win the championship for sure. They played 4 games included the one today and they have lost them all. They haven't even scored a goal. Fortunately the game play was better today than previous game but the expectations should not be high this year. It will be interesting to see how many fans will attend the games next season but for the time being, thumbs up. It's great to have a professional team in the Toronto and I am looking forward to visit the other 9 games.

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