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Sunday April 29, 2007
It was one of those days I wished I was back home. What an end to the soccer season in the Netherlands! Three club were tied for 1st place after PSV Eindhoven blew away their lead in the championship. At one point the were 11 points up but the team slowly felt apart and in the 2nd last game they dropped from the first place.

But the game is never over till the referee blows his whistle for the last time. AZ had to win and lost. Ajax had to win and did but didn't score enough goals. PSV won and the 5-1 victory meant that their goal difference was just 1 goal better than Ajax. Only 1 freaking goal. That's just amazingly close but 1 goal is enough and the team from my university town won the trophy. Oh I wish I could watch the national sports show today. For now I have search through the internet for bits and pieces of info and tomorrow I can watch the highlights on the satellite.

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