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Saturday May 5, 2007
Things seem to be quickly changing in Mariska's life. It looks like every day there is something new. Never mind that she is growing quite a lot.

Sitting up straight happened a few weeks ago and that went pretty smoothly. In the beginning she would slouch forward and she was not be able to make it back. That only lasted a few days. She now knows what to do. Solid foods are no issue anymore. She has made the step to becoming a carnivore by having chicken. When she got her first (rice) cookie she knew what to do with that. She ate it as if she had done it before. She liked the cheerios. They were too small for her to pick them up herself but that only lasted 1 day. She can now put them in her mouth herself.

This past week we can see the first steps towards crawling. While lying on her stomach she has been able to push her body up as if she is doing push-ups. She also found that a good way to move backwards which resulted her disappearing under our own bed.

This is the Mariska update for this week and here is a movie of the little Miss this morning:

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