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Wednesday May 30, 2007
Well I finally did. I bought a car. The very first car I have ever bought.

With Catherine going back to work in 2 months, we came to the conclusion that a 2nd car would be very convenient. After a lot of discussion we finally decided to go for a small car. After some more research we limited our choices to the Honda Fit and the Honda Civic. On Monday we went for some test drives and the number 1 choice became the number 2 choice.

I didn't mind the smaller Honda fit. I was afraid it would be too small for me to fit in but that wasn't the case. The problem was that the steering wheel completely blocked the speedometer. I couldn't move the wheel higher and moving it lower would mean I would need an amputation to fit in the car. I didn't want to go that far.

So we decided to go for the not very exciting but very reliable and gas mileage friendly Honda Civic. In the end it was just 2000 more than the Fit but in return you would get a lot more car.

The buying process was not what we expected at all. We knew how much the dealer pays for the car and we were surprised that the margin wasn't that high. So we expected that the sales person would be pushing for extra features and extra warranties. Not at all. He didn't push anything. We even had to ask to add a block engine heater. I can't help wonder if he just wanted to get it done quickly so he could see the hockey game tonight. Or maybe his profit wasn't that much because another guy helped us on Monday. Who knows? We didn't mind. He did however looked shocked when I told him that it was my first car :)

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