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Friday June 20, 2007
I guess I have fallen behind with my blogging. So it's time to catch up.

My parents and brother returned to the Netherlands again and the house has become a lot more quiet. My dad has been running around like a tornado and fixed and upgraded many things. Our garden has improved a lot with new flowerbeds, better edges and new cedars in the back (we won't mention that the tulip bulbs didn't survive it ;) The water pressure has been adjusted so we won't waste that much water and now it makes less noise when the showers gets turned on. All the holes in the duct work in the basement has been taped up so less cold air escapes in the summer since the basement has always been very cold in summer. The garage doors have been fixed and the garage itself is now nicely clean and with the help of mom we can say the same thing of indoor. Mariska will miss her grand parents though.

On Sunday I became a god father. Another first for me. I mean, I can't wait for my brother for ever ;) But it's cool to be god father though and since we have the whole God Father trilogy on DVD at home, I can say that I am prepared for this new role.

In the past week we just took it easy. Caught up on some of the shows we taped earlier (we are now up to date till early May....), watched some of the soccer and trying to make sure nothing dies in the garden ;)

And so we roll through the last days of July. A couple of weeks before Catherine returns to work and Mariska will start her day care career. That will definitely be a change for all of us.

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