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Sunday August 12, 2007
A nice weekend comes to an end. It was a relaxed one which was nice since the last weekend was a pretty full one. But we didn't want to stay at home the whole weekend so we decided to go to the Zoo. Not the Toronto one but a small one in Brantford: the Brantford Twin Valley Zoo. To be honest, we had problems finding it since the signs, well they could have used more and it had started to rain which didn't make it easier to see them. The zoo was nice though. Small but we didn't need a big one for our little one.

I don't remember if I have ever mentioned that I sometimes have to be a real dad and that Mariska is not always happy about that. She likes to pull the grill down that is under the fireplace where all the buttons are. A few weeks ago, I told her firmly 'Nee' which means no in Dutch. She was trying to smile but realised that I was serious and that she couldn't get away with it. Tears followed.

Nowadays she still goes to that grill but she looks at me first. And when I give her the look she shakes her head from the left to the right as if she is saying 'Nee'. Sometimes she still does it though and tears follow when it is clear I don't approve it.

It happened today and I guess she wanted to show that she is still a good girl and grabbed the little shopping cart and started to walk with it. That was something new for us. And she repeated it several times (with some help from us) as this video shows:

She is on her way to walking...

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