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Friday September 7, 2007
To be honest, I don't know for sure what my last concert was. It might have been U2 but that was in the 90s. So when Catherine suggested to buy tickets for the Genesis concert because we were going to buy a ticket for my brother-in-law a ticket for his birthday anyway, I thought this cool thing to do.

It being the first concert at BMO field, it meant that somethings went wrong. The line-ups were strange. We initially stood in a very long line but when I walked up to check it out, we noticed a really small line just next to the big line-up. We were told to leave the umbrella at the entrance but while we were in, we saw that other gates let people check in their umbrella.

Anyway, it stayed dry and we must have left the concert high after all the pot smoke around us.

The opening:

We enjoyed the concert. Despite being not being familiar with their earlier work, I recognized most of their songs. It was fun. Now I am wondering how long it will take till my next concert.

(the picture, which is not mine, has been taken from Flickr and the videos obviously from youtube.)

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