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Monday September 3, 2007
Catherine and I are proud to announce that our family will grow with 1 new member in March next year. Yes, we are expecting. Some people might be surprised that this is happening so soon after Mariska but we thought we were ready for a new addition to our family also since Catherine has recovered well from Mariska and because we are both not the youngest ones anymore. And once the goalie was pulled, we didn't need much time to score on the empty net (and I was ready for taking many shots at the net if that was necessary :)

We definitely didn't want a 2nd one because we were bored of the first one. Far from that, we love the time we spent with our little one if that was not clear from the postings here. In fact, it's a little bit sad to know that the life of the 3 of us in the way we know it, comes to an end and that our lives will be turned upside down again. But of course we are looking forward to welcoming the new one in our lives. The tentative due date is March 24, 2008.

We found out a couple days before Catherine would return to work and with a new maternity leave on the horizon, I think that work is just a temporary break in that ;) For now we also have nicknamed the baby 'Slowy'. That's because Catherine had to take 2 pregnancy tests and even on the second one, the 2nd line on stick didn't show up immediately. At least we think that this means no twins :p

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