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Thursday September 20, 2007
In a way this is a sad note about a good thing. After playing soccer for almost 30 years I have finally won a championship. Yes, that's pretty sad although there was break of about 10 year so it was 'only' 20 years but still. In my youth teams I was not part of a very strong generation and we never did very well although I vaguely remember that I finished 2nd when I switched clubs. I started to win some hardware when I started to play with the bank. We won a cup tournament and in the last game with them was the game where we won the play-offs. But I had never finished first after a regular season...till this year.

I am still playing in the Burlington Senior Recreational league which is fun since it is not (supposed to be) competitive. Every 2 years the teams are completely changed again and that why I play this year in a different team as last year. The start of the season was very poor. During the league cup tournament we lost all our games with the exception of 1 and that one wasn't a win. But as soon the season started, we also started to win. At one point we even were 7 points ahead of number 2 and then.... we started to lose (which started to happen when I was injured but I really had not much to do with this; really). Last Friday there was only 1 point difference between us and the number 2 and there were only 2 games left in the regular season. We barely won with quite some luck but till today we never found out what number 2 did. It turns out that they lost which means that I have finally won a regular season championship. It only took me 30 years...

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