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Monday October 30, 2007
What have I learned in the last couple of days:

* Taking Monday off from work doesn't make it feel you have a long weekend.
* The most useful word to teach a toddler is 'Hi'.
* Some toddlers rather wait with pooping till they get home from the day care.
* Find a good print shop for your photo contest prints is not easy (or cheap)
* Not every business owner likes to open their store before noon on Saturday even when it is suppose to be open by 11.
* My favourite kind of pop, Sparkling Lemonade, is either very popular or not popular at all since it is not always available in the stores.
* The movie 'Knocked up' was not as good as I hoped for.
* More people are taking my GO train in the morning, dramatically decreasing my chances to find a seat. Something that doesn't make me happy.
* When TV writers go on strike, make sure the PVR is prepared for that.

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