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Saturday November 24, 2007
A busy day for the Braekens today. First we went to Scarborough for Mariska's first encounter with the Dutch Santa Clause, also known as Sinterklaas or St. Nicolas. And of course he was accompanied by the zwarte pieten (black petes). It was pretty busy with kids who have some Dutch blood in them:

Unfortunately the line-up to sit on the lap of Sinterklaas was pretty long and our girl was getting tired so we had to skip that part although she did shake the hands of the good old man. Fortunately there were some zwarte pieten around so we got a picture of her with one of them. No tears. Just a confused look that disappeared when she got some cookies.

In the evening it was time for an exposition gala. The Oakville Camera club, which I am a member of, had organised their first annual photo contest: Capture Oakville 150, to commemorate the 150th anniversary of Oakville. I submitted 2 pictures and both were supposed to be in the exhibition. That wasn't a big accomplishment since they didn't get enough pictures so everybody made it :) As I said, it was their first time so things went wrong. I for instance couldn't find my 2nd picture anywhere and it's still a mystery where it was and the label for my other picture was incorrect. Unfortunately it also turned out that the pictures didn't really needed to be Oakville related. It was more "Capture in Oakville" than "Capture Oakville" since all that mattered was that the picture was taken in Oakville so a picture of my fridge would be have been good enough ;) Hey, even if the fridge would be in Vancouver it would be fine since how would you know. I personally was disappointed when I realised that since I had spent quite some time on thinking about something original that was Oakville related and even had an 'old' twist. Fortunately there quite some other people who felt the same way but hey, what can you do. The truth is that there quite a lot of nice pictures, whether they were or were not Oakville related.

I am pleased how my pictures turned out. The first one is one of the 250 year old Oak at Bronte Road and the other one was taken at the Palermo Cemetery close to our home:

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