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Wednesday January 2nd 2008
First all a very happy and healthy 2008 to all the (2) readers here ;)

It's been quiet here but not so quiet off-line. Christmas resulted in a number of nice presents for me. I received Guitar Hero 3 and Super Mario Galaxy for the Wii so we definitely need more time. Especially since I got also a gift certificate for EBgames which I spent on Call of Duty 4 (I finished the single player game today) and when I was there I bought 2 more games for the Wii.... Among the other gift were clothes and money for more toys :-) And as a sign that I am getting older, I was happy to receive a hand vacuum. Weird but true....

Just before Christmas I bought myself a lens for my DSLR. A 50MM - F1.8 for the Canon. A nice lens and a relatively cheap one that works well indoors in poor light because of the low aperture (or is it high aperture...I never know).

On top of that, I got my new computer just before Christmas. Yes, I am finally in possession of a computer that is fast again. It even feels weird to see my programs open up quickly. I got Vista on my machine and that has been an interesting experience. To be honest, I can not complain. Overall I am happy with it. The UI works pretty smooth and I definitely like it. There are couple of things I need to adjust to. Like how the new mail program works and seeing some left-over folders from XP like all the "My..." folders that are hidden in Vista. So far the only thing that is not working is "Battlefield 2" but even in XP that game was real slow to start so programmers could have coded more efficiently.

Grandma and Gigi reading from a book to Mariksa on Christmas day

I have been working from home since December 24 but today is my first day of my 3 day vacation. Sooo many games to play....

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