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Friday February 1st, 2008
It's a snow day for the Braekens. We are all at home today. Catherine and I both didn't have any meetings so we decided to avoid the winter storm that is going on outside.

Even Mariska is at home with Catherine and I taking turns looking after her. Good thing I have some things to do that don't require a computer.

Mariska's vocabulary is growing and growing but I am getting called mama all the time. Yesterday evening she said Papa again but we are not sure if this is an exception or not. She has also started saying "Ja" (yes in Dutch) while she would always "No" even if she meant yes. And she has no problem with saying cookie and knows exactly where we keep the cookies.

Swimming is going great. The tears have disappeared unless I push a little bit too far ;) She has no problems with having her chin in the water although she prefers to drink the water rather than blowing bubbles. She is also getting more stubborn. She is supposed to go down the stairs backwards but the last couple of days she wants to do the final steps the grown-up way. And this morning she realised that there are some risks involved...

Catherine is doing well. Unfortunately she has developed gestational diabetes. The good thing is that she is just over the limit but she needs gives herself insulin before bed time which caused her some anxiety when she tried it for the first time. Seemed it makes a difference giving insulin to somebody else, as she has done in the past, than to yourself. So I gave it to her that time. Not often a woman is so eager to drop her pants for me so I can give her an injection...

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