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Sunday March 16, 2008

According to my wife I got 2 babies last week. She refers to the iPod touch that I bought last week. I had been thinking about buying it for awhile since I think it would be ideal for my GO train ride. I try to read or do other stuff in the train but somehow I have problems with keeping my eyes open. Despite that I can't really sleep on the train, since I am too freaky tall for the chairs, I am afraid that I miss my stop. So I thought watching movies would be a nice alternative. And with a new developers kit on the way, the iPod touch can become a little gaming machine too. So I bought the 16 gig version although I feel a little bit uncomfortable with taking such a valuable toy with me on the train and to the office. So far I really like how the videos look on it. There a couple of things that irritate me though. The lack of control about which pictures to put on it and the fact that I can only sync with 1 computer is annoying but from the user interface point of view, it works great.

My mother-in-law is still with us and she has been a great help. It makes our lives a lot easier especially since I will be heading back to work tomorrow. I have to admit that I can already see that having 2 kids in the house instead of 1 makes a big difference. It's going to be interesting, that's for sure but as the picture on the right shows, it looks like that Mariska will taking over all the vacuuming in the house hold. But for now we are very grateful to have my mother-in-law in the house.

Finally a picture that shows what a difference 1 week makes. The pic on the left was shot on the 9th and the next one today. No worries, we still have lots of snow but it is melting and with the sun shinning, it feels like that spring is on its way (but first we probably still have a few snow storms...)

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