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Friday April 25, 2008
Not the typical Friday. Instead of going to downtown Toronto I went to Guelph to attend a business contingency session. So I was expecting a tour and some presentations. Turns out that all they wanted you to do was to verify you could do your work from there. Well in my case that means checking my e-mail. So basically the whole day I was 'working from home' but now in Guelph. Well at least there was a change of scenery for me.

In the evening we celebrated the birthday of my mother-in-law. We would normally go to a restaurant but since we now have so many small ones in the family we decided to get the restaurant to our house: we rented a chef and he did all the cooking in our kitchen and his partner did all the serving and cleaning. I have put some pictures of the evening on the pictures site

We had a lot of fun and our present for mom was the picture collage of her whole family. Mariska had lots of fun too and she was full of energy (must have been the chocolate cake...) and she stayed up till everybody had left. In fact, we all went to bed together. Unfortunately a few hours later she woke up and cried and for the very first time she slept in our bed although she was moved back once she had fallen asleep peacefully.

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