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Sunday April 6, 2008
Finally some time to catch up. My work situation has changed. First we moved a few weeks ago to a different building. Not a huge change but now the whole group sits together and so are the people who I deal with the most. It makes my life a lot easier and I don't care what other people think but having all the people you work with close to each other makes a huge deal. I have seen it in the past and I can see the difference now. Phone and e-mail are nice but nothing beats face-to-face conversations.

Also my role has changed. My manager is expecting her first baby in May but she had to leave work early because of high blood pressure and so I have been asked to look after the group for the upcoming year. This will be the first time that I have people reporting to me and I have to admit that it feels kinda weird to be a manager. Fortunately I will be working closely in some areas with a colleague since we go back together a long time and I couldn't imagine a typical manager-employee relationship with her. As I said, it feels weird, but I have survived the first week :) It will be a good experience for me and even if it's something I am not going to like, I know it will be temporary. For now I think I will be okay. It really has given me more focus on the job I am doing.

Home life is well. Mariska is now at the day care 3 days in the week and Kaylee is still sleeping a lot. It's hard to say if she will be a good sleeper as Mariska is but the fact it is hard to say this is probably a good thing. She is at least not a crying baby. In fact, I sleep pretty well during the night. Sometimes I don't even know if she was feed during the night and if I wake up because some light was turned on, I fall asleep pretty quickly again.

Finally I am happy to see the warmer temperature. We went for a nice walk yesterday with the whole family and Mariska walked the whole way. In the end she even started to push the baby carriage with mama. She has also started her 'swimming' lessons again and I enjoy that hour of papa and daughter time. I truely enjoy being a dad.

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