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Friday June 13, 2008
Did you know that....
... Kaylee was baptized on Sunday (photos to follow)
... parents went back to the Netherlands again on Monday
... last week was a nice relaxing week at home
... my dad did a lot of work on the house while he was here which is greatly appreciated
... I am not going to mow the lawn 4 times per week as my dad did
... we visited Niagara Falls last week
... I took about 600 pictures over the last 2-3 weeks
... Mariska is now using the potty to get out of her chair after dinner but she never wants to go on the potty
... Mariska told my dad in morning to make the coffee and for mom to put her bath robe on
... she did that because she wanted to go down stairs
... Mariska is now asking for Oma and Opa, especially Opa
... Mariska has now a lot of new Dutch words in her vocabulary. Enough to confuse the day care
... we watched the Netherlands - Italy game with Dutch commentators thanks to the internet
... seeing less Italian flags on the cars after the game on Monday was a nice side-effect
... I won't put a Dutch flag on my car unless 'we' get really far in the tournament...really far
... Mariska now needs to wear her orange shirt on each game day
... Marisa, since she is also Canadian, is also not allowed to shave during the Euro
... I wasn't as excited about the Germans losing as I would have been 15 years ago
... I am enjoying watching 'NOS Sportzomer' on the satellite every evening
... within 1 month I got 2 'made a difference' awards at the bank
... I got 1 'made a difference' award in the first 11 years at the bank

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