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Monday June 2nd, 2008

It has been quiet in this corner of the internet but not in this corner of the world. Two weeks ago my parents arrived and they have kept us busy. Well, they kept themselves busy too and they have kept the kids busy. We are not sure if my parents are going to leave on the 9th... On the right, you see that Mariska found a weak spot of Opa.

This week I am also at home to spend some time with everybody. Even Mariska is not visiting the day care although she is normally going only twice per week anyway.

We are also getting closer to the kick-off of the European soccer championships and Mariska has received the proper outfit but I don't think she has high hopes...:

I uploaded some pictures of the past 2 weeks and they are spread over several folders but the main pictures of my mom and dad's visit can be found here:

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