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Sunday June 22, 2008
Did you that...
- it really hurts to be a fan of the Dutch soccer team
- that the Russian team was just better
- two hours before the start of the game Betty's, the Dutch hang-out, was already full
- there was also a line-up for the back-up place
- I therefore had to watch the game from another bar also full with Dutch people, which people looking through the windows from the patio.
- they initially only had 1 person looking after the whole bar
- you therefore couldn't get drunk if you wanted to
- I couldn't get drunk anyway since I drove into town
- at least my biggest fear now won't happen: losing against Italy in the semi-finals
- it still sucks
- I haven't seen as many flags on the cars as in previous years
- we are having rain almost every day
- we are having so much rain that the grass seeds the neighbour put down 2 months ago now finally came out
- it proves that those seeds would have come out earlier if they would have watered the grass earlier
- my dad planted cedars outside the fence it the back a few weeks ago
- one person in the street planted 2 trees in some kind of structure at the back on the other side fence too
- those trees weren't even close to the fence
- that this attracted the attention of the city
- we now got a letter to remove the cedars.
- we still hope that we can keep them
- we wouldn't have gotten that letter if that person would not have planted those 2 trees
- Kaylee still doesn't have a lot of hair
- Kaylee probably has less hair now than Mariska when she was born
- Mariska now doesn't mind sitting on the potty but you need to provide her plenty of books.
- Mariska is going back to the daycare 3 days per week
- this gaves Catherine the opportunity to get Mariska's new bedroom ready
- I got a Marco Borsato CD for Father's day
- Mariska decided to sleep in that day till after 10 in the morning
- Kaylee slept till 9:30 that same day
- it might be a long time before this happens again on a Father's day
- I am enjoying this style of writing since it's so easy

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