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Wednesday July 30, 2008
Did you know that
- we reached the end of July but that I don't have the feeling that summer has started yet.
- this might come because of the strange weather we are having
- we are having the wettest summer on record in Toronto
- I don't mind all the rain all the much
- this must be a Dutch thing...
- Mariska has decided that she doesn't want to be in the high chair anymore
- she even doesn't like wearing a bib during dinner but that she doesn't have a choice
- Kaylee is getting bigger and bigger
- Kaylee really smiles a lot
- Kaylee still doesn't a lot of hair
- Kaylee has even less problems with falling asleep in the evening than Mariska did
- we celebrated Mariska's birthday last weekend since Catherine's family will be out of town this weekend
- Mariska got a little vacuum cleaner (besides other stuff of course)
- she therefore will be tired of vacuuming cleaning when she is a grown-up
- Catherine has been working on the new bed room for Mariska
- we got a heart attack when we got the first quote for finishing the basement
- we were a lot happier with the second one
- we now hope that we have a finished basement before Catherine goes back to work
- flying to the Netherlands with a wife and 2 kids is not cheap
- we still want to go there next year for my parents anniversary
- we just need a good sponsor to pay for everything ;)

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