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Monday August 11, 2008
Did you that
- we had a good time at Springridge farm.
- Mariska especially liked the pony ride.
- tears were flowing when she had to get off her pony as the photo's in the pictures section showed.
- we went to the Toronto Islands last weekend
- it started to drizzle as soon as we had set foot on the Islands
- we still spend a few hours on the island and I am happy that we went despite the precipitation
- this picture can tell you how black the clouds were when we were on the ferry back coming from the Islands
On a sunny Saturday in August....NOT
- it really started to rain once we got back on shore again
- it actually felt chilly a few days.
- Mariska now regularly says "Oh God, oh God", something she learned this from her cousin.
- we have been 'working out' on the Wii Fit
- both of us actually lost some weight but the Wii Fit can't take the credit for everything
- I am hoping to lose about 20 pounds
- I wouldn't mind more but for now I think losing 20 pounds will be difficult enough
- Catherine now knows that I have problems with standing on one leg
- we had a huge explosion in Toronto on Sunday
- we didn't hear anything in Oakville
- Mariska is really good at saying the word NO
- Mariska can say MA (pause) RIS (pause) KA but that she says 'Madja' when we ask her what her name is
- we think it's weird for a 2 year old to like garlic sauce and to see her sucking on a lemon
- I realised that 3 of my 4 direct reports are actually older than me
- I don't mind being a manager although it is definitely more stressful
- I have mentioned Mariska a lot in this posting again and not Kaylee yet.
- Kaylee slept 15 hours on 1 day last week
- Kaylee now has been mentioned in this post.
- I should also mention that Kaylee also now rolls over and back
- Kaylee now finally sleeps in a crib because she was big for the bassinet

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