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Monday September 8th, 2008
Did you know that...
- summer is over at least according to the number of taken parking spots at my GO train station last Friday
- in the previous weeks the parking lot was pretty empty especially on Fridays
- (knock on wood) I haven't had a big injury in soccer yet this year (if you don't include the bruised ribs and a small hamstring problem...)
- there are still 5-6 weeks left in the season so I still have plenty of opportunity to get injured.
- my soccer team keeps on squeezing out wins with 1 goal difference
- we are, as a result, still in the running for the championship
- Kaylee's hair finally start to grow...we think
- Kaylee is probably getting her first tooth soon give her swollen gums
- this might explain why she has been waking up in the middle of the night
- Kaylee turned 6 months today
- it feels like that Catherine has been off work for much longer
- Catherine is addicted to CNN
- the hurricane season and the elections are to blame for that
- I had my first real meetings with a vice president at work
- I survived those meetings
- Catherine is working on Mariska's new room and we hope to move Mariska to that room pretty soon
- Kaylee will then move from our room to the baby room
- we were told by the city to remove the cedars that my dad planted along the other side of the fence
- this issue became up because somebody planted 2 trees in a structure halfway between the fence and the path
- this it was so obvious to us that the city would not allow it, that it's hard to believe that they couldn't understand that
- everybody in the street now has to remove everything that has been planted on the other side of the fence
- we have till the end of May next year to move those cedars
- I bought "spore" today
- that I start with the installation of it before I started this posting
- it's still not even halfway completed
- I am going to put an end to this post anyway....

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