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Saturday September 27, 2008
Did you know that...
- Mariska moved to her new room a few weeks ago
- Kaylee moved to her new room a few days later
- we are therefore are finally alone in our bedroom
- Kaylee's first tooth is poking out of her gums
- we have booked our flights
- flying through Cologne was the best deal for us after all
- I still think it's ridiculous that adding an extra flight makes the overall cost go down
- yesterday's win in my soccer league means that we are still alive in the play-offs
- a loss means the end of the season
- that we might have won but that my shoes didn't survive the game
- I therefore need to do some shopping before the next game
- I have another picture being published in a local magazine from the Oakville's Community Arts Foundation
- we went to the zoo last weekend
- Mariska enjoyed touching the 'fish' (stingray) and ride on the camel
- I am going to see the Toronto FC tonight
- that this is the only ticket I was able to buy since every game is sold out
- so far I am disappointed with the Spore game since the game play is very repetitive

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