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Friday October 31, 2008
Halloween at the Braeken's house. Mariska wasn't all sure about it. 5 minutes before we headed out, she told that she didn't want to be a giraffe. Well, I guess she did not have a choice so we persuaded her to put the costume on anyway. We took some quick pictures with a non-smiling Mariska and we headed out for trick and treating.

We went to quite some houses and she was pretty good. Hand in hand with pappa she went to each door but she was very quiet during the whole ordeal. But she had no problems with receiving the candy of course. I am sure that in a couple years she will be a little bit more enthusiastic when it comes down to Halloween. I had a good time and of course a pretty proud dad. I guess it was the first time that I went trick and treating.

Kaylee actually spent most of the evening in bed so we never had the opportunity to put a suit on, although she was wearing a pumpkin sleeper. So we put her elephant outfit on a few days later. And we did get a smile from her:

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