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Saturday October 18, 2008
Did you know that...
- Mariska has made great progress with potty training
- she is very excited every time she has 'success'
- she makes us to see the end result in the potty....EVERY TIME
- she receives a potty chocolate after she is done
- she is now wearing regular underwear during the day
- Kaylee has started to eat solid food
- as a result we now have 4 people at the dinner table
- next week they start with installing our basement
- our garage is full with building materials
- we didn't realise how much they had and that they wanted to put it in the garage
- I was therefore running around cleaning up the garage while they started to unpack their trucks
- Mariska has started her swimming lessons again
- I therefore will be in a pool with her every week
- my outdoor soccer season ended last week
- my team won the play-off championship
- I didn't think we would after we were down 0-2 during half time in the semi-final while being outplayed
- we nevertheless put 3 goals in their net in the 2nd half
- work has been busy which means that there is never a dull moment
- I bought a flash for my camera with my birthday money
- our PVR is getting fuller and fuller and we are only just a few weeks into the new TV season
- we probably have to make some hard decisions about what to tape and what not
- I am still loving my iPod touch since I watch movies\podcasts all the time on the ride home from work
- it is a joy to watch the Dutch soccer on "Studio Sport" every week
- I can watch this Dutch show because I receive it on the satellite

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