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Tuesday December 16. 2008
Time for an update. Did you know that..
- Kaylee started crawling
- within 1 week was also sitting straight up and also standing straight up
- Sinterklaas dropped by with some presents for everybody
- I have been playing indoor soccer on Sunday mornings
- I have been really enjoying it
- It's just pick-up soccer and that I sometimes run around topless in the gym (sorry for the image)
- I have been taking a lot of picture but mainly of the kids
- despite that, I submitted 3 pictures for the Oakville Camera Club photo contest
- that all my pictures made the cut and they will be in an exhibition
- that half of the pictures that we submitted didn't make the cut
- I got up this morning at 5 am to attend a Charity Breakfast
- that I prefer Charity Brunches..
- I sat one seat away from the CEO
- I still have my job so I must have behaved myself
- I am looking forward to Christmas period at work since it is supposed to be quiet
- I am not convinced that it going to be quiet
- our bonuses at work weren't really effected by the recession
- our basement is getting there...
- it still needs a lot of paint and also the carpet will need to be installed but that won't happen before January.
- I still need to buy my wife a Christmas present....

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