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March 8-14, 2009

This was suppose to be a post about 1 day but it turns out to be post about 1 week. On March 8th Kaylee turned 1. Yes, she still has fewer hair than Mariska had on her day 1 but our little lady passed the magical first year mark. And therefore we had her birthday party planned.

Problem was that both the girls hadn't been feeling well. Mariska had thrown up a few days earlier and both of them had been feeling warm. And then on Sunday Mariska had spots on her body. We didn't think she had the measles but just to be sure, we canceled the birthday party. Fortunately grandma had been with us the past couple of days (since she babysat the kids because Catherine and I went to see the Sound of Music musical).

On Wednesday we had party number 2 since Catherine's oldest brother came by with his family and Saturday we had the 3rd party since the youngest brother came by with his family. So all in all Kaylee had 3 birthday parties. Not a bad score for a 1 year old. Pictures the birthday parties can be found at

Mariska did not have the measles but just a heat rash. Her sinuses were infected so she got a spray. Kaylee was not feeling well before Mariska got sick. She got better and then she got the same thing as Mariska. The positive things they were not really sick sick. Both were still playing and not in bed. In fact, we have been very lucky with both of them since this is the first time that they have been sick, besides some colds of course.

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