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Wednesday April 22, 2009
This last Monday was the start of a whole new in the Braeken household. Catherine returned to work from her maternity leave 2 weeks ago (long live the return of the 2 incomes!!!) but Kaylee was still not going to day care yet. The reason was some rule where they can not have 3 kids under 3 at the day care. Therefore my mother-in-law stayed with us for 2 weeks looking after the young one. For some men this might sound like hell but I happen to love my mother-in-law. Also because she really looks after the whole house during the day so everything looked great and cleaned up. We got really spoilt.

But last weekend one of the kids turned 3 and that meant that Kaylee was allowed to go to the same place where Mariska is going to. And so on Monday morning a new era started where I now need to get 2 kids ready in the morning. I had finally the routine with Mariska down to a science and now I had a new variable to deal with. But we all survived and Kaylee didn't even cry when I dropped her off so. I only wished I didn't had to get up even earlier...

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