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Wednesday May 27, 2009
It's been awhile so time for an update. Kaylee is now really walking. No walking from couch to chair only. No, she just walks around the house freely. There were some painful consequences though. She feel at the day care and got some big scratches in the face but fortunately most of them have disappeared by now. It looked worse than it was.

Mariska has been changing, at least in my opinion. She is now living out fantasies. We have regular visits from lions, dragons and giants in the house. She has become more social when it comes to playing. She has even been playing tennis on the Wii. I also took Mariska with me for some shopping (or "winkelen" as she calls it; that's the Dutch word for it). She is not a runner so that's good. However, we have impression that Kaylee could become one. She is definitely different from her sister...

Catherine has been busy with work. She actually spent most of the long weekend working while I was Daddy Daycare. Not that I minded that, although it's the best way to spend a long weekend. Right now it looks that work will be slowing down for Catherine so that's good but she had not much time to adjust to the work life after she returned. However, I think we are both slowly adjusting to the new routines.

Soccer season has started for me. There is a draft every 2 year and I got drafted to the same team as the last 2 years. Our uniform is bright bright bright green. If I would wear it at home, I am sure that Catherine would always be able to find me, even in the dark. At work things have changed too. In the past year I looked after the position of my manager because she was on maternity leave but since this week she is back. It has definitely been an interesting year and I definitely learned a lot. It was a great opportunity for me to look at the next level and I have to admit that I liked the look. Sure, there were items I was not crazy about but I wouldn't mind get to that level again within a few years. My job hasn't really changed though. Basically the "Human Resources" part has disappeared since I have nobody reporting to me naymore but the other tasks are still there. At least I have seen a drop in my e-mails but that's because I am not on the management mailing list anymore ;)

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