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Thursday June 11, 2009

A comment to my last post said "Good to hear though that you can still fit your soccer in with that big family.".... Well that was ironic since in my 2nd game somebody stood on my foot with his cleat. I didn't think much of it. I continued with game. Kicked the ball several times. Sure, it felt sore when the ball was away but as soon the ball would get close, I didn't notice any pain. Nevertheless the toe goes bigger and bigger after the game and of course it became colourful but I expected that. In the days that followed the pain became less and less but it didn't go away. So I skipped the game the next week but I went to a wedding and danced there. By Tuesday, so about 1,5 week after the incident, I thought it was time for a visit to the doctor since it was still painful. X-rays were made and as you can see, it was clear: a fractured toe.

So I am walking around with a cast around my foot. A smaller one as the previous time and I can walk very well with it and it should be able to get rid of it by the middle of July so my soccer season is not completely over yet. But for now it time for shorts...

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