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July 2009
Definitely time for an update since it wasn't a quiet month. In fact we went on vacation twice this month.

First we went off to the Smiling Moose again, the cottage close to Parry sound that we have been going to every year with Catherine's family. Unfortunately the weather wasn't great. The first day I spent some time in the water but on most other days it was cloudy or even rainy. So it became a quiet vacation with of course the bonfire on Canada Day, Mariska's first. The Wii got a good work-out and my iPod Touch was definitely touched a lot. Maybe the most exciting thing was the bear that was spotted right close to our house by uncle Glen.

The 2nd vacation took us to Virginia with pits stops in Grove city. Catherine's brother has a time share at the Massanutten Resort so we went them and Catherine's mom to this resort. The weather was not an issue here. There was some rain but that rain always happened on the right moment (indoor activities, driving). As result we spent quite a number of days at the huge waterpark. And of course I had to try the flow rider.... (Kaylee was quiet when she saw the other people but became nervously exited when she saw me on it; Mariska didn't see me 'live' but she doesn't like the video)

In Virgina I look my golf virginity (come one, I had to make such a reference...) I played for the first time on a golf course. Only 9 holes but that was enough. I had plowed enough by then and I had the full bunker and water experience ....

We also visited Thomas Jefferson's house: Monticello and I thought that was very interesting. Definitely worth visiting.

There are really only 2 reasons to visit Grove City. First, it is about half way to Virginia and secondly because of the outlet mall. Yes, I used my credit card a lot (and I have a bill to proof it) but I am fine for awhile and so is Mariska.

All in all a good month :)

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