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Tuesday September 29, 2009
It seems to be that I am blogging less and less. Maybe I am spending to much time on facebook and flickr... But yes, I am still alive and all is well. August came and went and a few weeks ago we saw U2 in concert which was pretty cool. At the moment my parents are here again which is making our lives easier. They take care of the kids in the morning and they also picked them up. Plus they do all kind of little jobs around the house. Right now the garage doors are being painted for instance.

Catherine and I also had some time to look for shelves for in the basement which is a lot easier to do when there are no kids with you. We are also putting a list of items together that require our attention since we are both pretty good at ignoring these tasks.

A few more days of work and then we are going to be off for a week. Looking forward to that of course :)

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