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Saturday, October 24
It's been a weird soccer season. In my 2nd game of the season I broke my toe and I was out for 2 months. We won the first game I got back but it would take almost 2 months before we won the next one. Was it me? (you are not supposed to answer this!!) We finished 5th out of 8th. Then the play-offs came and our first game we won 7-0. The next game was against the champions and we won 1-0. As a result, we played the play-off final today.

It might have been the longest game of my career. After the 90 minutes the score was tied and that meant extra time. And in the first half of extra time I collided with an opponent. It was a fair challenge. Nothing wrong with it except that he stayed on the ground. 911 got called and the ambulance showed up. Fortunately he didn't break his ankle but it was a dislocation. Nevertheless painful.

So after a long break, the game continued and in the 2nd half we scored the winning goal. Play-off champions for the 3rd year in a row.

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