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Wednesday October 14, 2009
We had 2 visitors in town for the past 3.5 weeks: my parents. I have to say we had a good time together. Besides spending time with the kids and us, my parents were also busy with doing all kind of jobs around the house. There are too many to mention but the biggest jobs were paint jobs. The garage doors and most importantly our basement and the stairway to the basement. Catherine and I took last week off so we could help dad with the painting and to be honest, the basement looks great now. There is still quite some work to do (and money to spend) for decoration (TV?) but that will be a matter of time. (yes, I painted too. I know you are shocked)

Fortunately we did more than painting last week. We also had some time for some day trips. We went to the Toronto Zoo which was great since it was not busy. We went to St. Jacobs and we went to Octoberfest in Kitchener. Unfortunately the last thing was not very exciting. At least if you don't go to one of the festhalle. Downtown Kitchener was far from interesting on a Saturday afternoon. The Farmer's Market at St. Jacobs (and the town itself) did get our approval although my parents were quite surprised about the Mennonites.

Thanksgiving Monday we visited Andrew Scenic Acres and oh joy, we have already the picture for the Christmas card...

All good things come to an end and yesterday my folks jumped on a plane back home again. Everything returns back to the normal at the Braeken household but we will miss them. Till next year.

(pictures can be found at and some will come by on Flickr.

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