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Sunday December 6, 2009
Technically we celebrated it a day late but it doesn't really matter. I am talking about Saint Nicolaas or simply Sinterklaas, basically the Dutch version of Santa Claus although the story is Santa Claus is based on Sinterklaas.

The girls put their shoes in front of the chimney Saturday evening. And yes, the next morning the found something in it. Then we drove off to Toronto where Sinterklaas and his helpers would arrive on the boat. And yes, there were more presents for the girls.

That wasn't it since at home somehow a big box had arrived. Delivered by Sinterklaas but from Opa and Oma. Yes, even more gifts. I think the girls were tired at the end from unpacking all their gifts. But I don't think they minded that...

Here is a video of the day:

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