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Thursday January 6th, 2010
A little bit late but nevertheless: a very happy and healthy 2010 from our family to yours.

Those 2 holiday weeks flew buy. Christmas brought a lot of gifts to the family... of course. My collection of empty Speculoos jars will increase over the next couple of months since Catherine, eh I mean Santa, gave me 12 full ones. So all is good. Pictures of Christmas can be found here:

Catherine and I took some days off between Christmas and New Year however the 2 little girls went to day care (also because they didn't have any vacation days anymore so we had to pay for those days anyway). This gave us the opportunity to do things without the kids but despite our best intentions, we never made it to a movie theater. We have a real history of planning to see a movie but never making it. I honestly think that the last time we saw a movie in a theater was 2 years ago.

Over the past 6 years I have been bugging Catherine that I never got an engagement gift and that gift had to be a HDTV. Well, I no longer have to bug her. We decided it was time to buy one and after quite some research we finally have one in our living room. Just in time for the Olympics and the World Cup. Let the Games begin.

New Year's eve was spent with the Hills ( and on New Year's day Catherine's family came over (

And that's the way 2010 started for us...

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