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Wednesday January 27, 2010 Part 3
So we now know what Apple released. The main items for me:

* iPad. A crappy name. There is a reason why iPeriod and iTampon were trending topics on Twitter.
* It's basically an iPod Touch Plus. Sadly, not much more. Somehow I had expected that you were able to run multiple applications at the same time. And I am a multitasker.
* The price is strongest point. The share price of Apple had been dropping after the announced the device but it shot up immediately when they announced the price. That says a lot.
* The new data plans are great. I WANT THAT FOR MY IPOD TOUCH. I am okay with paying 15 dollars per month, knowing that I can go online without a wifi available to me.
* I like the idea of reading a newspaper on the device. Books would be good too but I prefer a physical version on my bookshelf.
* No camera. However, I am sure it will be in a future version.

So how would I use it:

* I can see myself reading the newspaper on the way to work.
* I can see myself simple surfing the web on the couch however I don't like the idea of using the iPad keyboard. If I need to enter text, I rather use a laptop. Also because it's easier to hold.
* I would be a great device to show my pictures portfolio (although disk space could be an issue)

Will I buy it?

I would really like to have one but I don't really need one. Besides the "newspaper reading" there is not something of which I think I would really use. I guess playing a game on it would be nice. The idea of carrying the iPad with me on the train gives me a little shiver down my spine. Not sure if it would be strong enough to survive.

Who should buy it?

If you want to some simple web surfing and simple e-mailing, go ahead. If you like to read, buy it. If you want to have a very simple computer and not worry about 'computer stuff' (drivers, install problems, viruses etc), this is a great device.

But I think if you want to do more, I would stick to a laptop. In fact, sometimes a netbook would be better.

Will it be a success?

I think it has a lot potential. The reason that it is computer without really being one. A user doesn't need to be a computer expert to use it. I think that is an important thing to realise. But I don't think it will have a big impact as the iPhone had. The future will tell....

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