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Friday April 30, 2010
It's been a long time since I have written something here. So here we go:
* Has it been too long for you since I provided an update? I am afraid you will need to befriend me on Facebook...although I also admit that this is a little bit sad.
* Winter. What happened to winter? We didn't have one single day where the weather prevented us to go to work. I don't mind but I wouldn't have minded a couple of big big snow storms.
* Spring. What is up with Spring? I don't recall it being warm so early in the year. Soooo nice.
* I am so impressed with the dandelions. Isn't it amazing that they all showed up all at the same time? They should start working for the TTC and the GO Train.
* The kids have been sick a couple of times in the past months but nothing big (knock, knock on wood). We have been quite fortunate.
* I have been enjoying my new job. There have been Sunday evenings where I felt good about going to work again the next day. Okay, that feeling was not there when the alarm clock went off the following morning... It hasn't been very stressful and I like the fact that I have to use my brain. I had been doing my previous job for such a long time that I could do the job blindly.
* In June the G20 will be in Toronto. In fact, it will be held in the building that is attached to the building where I work. So that will make life interesting. Right now the assumption is that I will be working from home for 3 days since things will be sealed off.
* My parents will be landing in Toronto in a week from now. Assuming there is no volcano related problems of course ;) I am sure they will be surprised how much the kids have changed.
* Talking about kids. Mariska is becoming a real girl and you can already see that she is going to be a girly girl (oh boy...). She has also started "knock, knock" jokes and her voice is louder than mine so you are warned.
* Kaylee is a lof fun for me. She is a bit rougher than Mariska. She has perfected the art of saying "please" (leaning her head to the left and looking with puppy eyes). She has also many facial expressions for our entertainment.
* It's an absolute enjoy to see them play together and I am happy to say that they play a lot together.

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