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Friday June 4th, 2010
May came and went but it wasn't a boring one. My mom and dad were in town again. Of course they came for the kids, nothing new about that but it did make our lives easier again. They were taking the kids to day care and picked them up from there followed by a trip to the play ground of course. Besides that dad was doing all kind of jobs in and around the house and mom was cleaning.

And a favourite event for the kids was the 'race' with Opa. Here is Opa trying to catch them:

We took everybody up north for the long weekend and this for a good reason. Catherine grand parents celebrated their 70th wedding anniversary. Yes, this is no typo. I really meant 70th.

Here a picture of my parents with Baba and Gigi:

We took the following week off and on the Friday we went to the African Lion Safari which was actually a lot of fun. It was nice that it wasn't busy.

But is over. Mom and dad left a few days ago and everything has returned to normal. I will need to get the kids ready again in the morning and between you and me, I little bit missed that time with them in morning.

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