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Sunday December 12, 2010
It surely has been a very long time since the last update. The truth of the matter is that I used this blog to let people know what is going on in our lives here. But now with Hyves and especially with Facebook, there is less need to give an update through this blog but I realise not everybody is on Facebook (yet).

The summer came and went. We went to the "Smilin' Moose" again and this time we were there during a heat wave. Of course there was the also world cup......sooo close :(

We had some big changes with the girls. They were in weewatch for the past 3 years but we had to pull them out. Mariska was going to JK this year but the weewatch lady could not take her to school. Of course that was an issue. Especially since we were told about it just 2 months before the start of school, while we were told a couple of months earlier that there would be no issue. So at the beginning of September both Kaylee and Mariska moved to a new day care. This time to a bigger day care. As I mentioned, at the same time Mariska started Junior Kindergarten and both girls adjusted very well to their environments. We see often other kids crying when their parents drop them off at the day care but not ours. They just care if there is breakfast.

Here is a picture of Mariska's class at JK:

With the kids getting older, they also get having more and more fun with Halloween. Both of them kept going and going (which meant lots of chocolates for papa but don't tell them that)

Just because my kids are Dutch, it means that they get extra spoiled because of Sinterklaas. We went to see him twice and they put their shoe in front of the fireplace a couple of times. It was interesting to see that Mariska had no problems with getting up the morning after setting her shoe....

Which brings us to Christmas. Obviously there are still 2 weeks till Christmas but we already had their Christmas concerts. Below you see the videos of those events. Enjoy them since you never know when the next update follows....

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